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The latest information about the Nepal earthquake response - live updates by IRIN. Read more




Lives at risk as Nepal earthquake funding dries up
There was an outpouring of emergency funding in the immediate aftermath of the Nepal earthquake. But one month on, lives are at risk as the money dries up. With monsoon rains expected within weeks, relief efforts are expected to become even more challenging in a country where many villages are accessible only by foot.Read more
The identity crisis frustrating Nepal's quake survivors

Mento Ghale did what any parent would do when Nepal’s 25 April earthquake struck her village of Mailung: she grabbed the children and got them out of the house as quickly as she could.Read more


Shaken by quakes, Nepal now needs to survive the monsoon
Three weeks after a major earthquake struck Nepal, aid efforts have yet to reach many remote communities. Now those still living amid the rubble of their villages must survive the monsoon due in the next few weeks..Read more
Psychologists stay home: Nepal doesn't need you
Following the earthquake in Nepal, psychologist Alessandra Pigni recalls her experiences in humanitarian aid: she reminds Western do-gooders that affected populations are resilient and that pathologising suffering after a traumatic event may get in the way of healing and recovery.Read more
Are mothers and children missing out on Nepal aid?
The way aid in Nepal is prioritised has led to fears that pregnant and breastfeeding women in certain areas may not be receiving the specialised help they need. Nirmala Tamang is breastfeeding and worried about her two infants. Read more
Nepal quake fund move is PR fiasco*
The Nepalese government’s decision to route earthquake donations through the bank account of the Prime Minister’s Disaster Relief Fund has been a public relations disaster, introducing suspicions about the politicisation of aid even if there is no evidence of foul play. Read more
No husband, no home: Migrant wives struggle in Nepal
Every year thousands of Nepali men travel abroad in search of work, leaving their families behind. So when a powerful earthquake struck Nepal on 25 April, many women suddenly found themselves without a home to live in or a husband to help. In a country where gender discrimination is common, these migrants' wives are now especially vulnerable. Read more
Inside the logistics hub at Kathmandu's airport
Welcome to the Humanitarian Staging Area at Kathmandu's Tribhuvan International Airport, where aid workers and government officials are sifting through tons of cargo in a bid to make the logistics of the earthquake response as efficient as possible. Read more
Is it really time to call off search-and-rescue in Nepal?
The Nepalese government called off search-and-rescue today in favour of dead body removal, just as a 15-year-old boy was pulled out of the rubble alive. Five days after the earthquake, is it too soon to stop trying to find survivors? Read more
Photo feature: Nepal - outside Kathmandu
IRIN travelled first to the city of Bhaktapur, a UNESCO world heritage site about 12 kilometers outside Kathmandu, then on to the smaller communities of Harisiddhi and Bungamati where we witnessed devastating physical damage and personal loss. Read more
Aid agencies pour into Nepal – and then what?

In the immediate aftermath of a disaster of the scale of Nepal’s 7.8-magnitude earthquake, the scramble by aid agencies to respond can easily descend into chaos.. Read more
Can you hear me now? Why good communication is critical to the Nepal quake response
As aid continues to pour into Nepal after Saturday's powerful earthquake, the need for clear information is becoming ever more stark. Imogen Wall, a communications specialist who has worked for various humanitarian agencies in several emergency responses, says a well-managed exchange of information can be the difference between an effective relief operation and misguided chaos.. Read more

Health concerns grow in Nepal quake camps

Hundreds of makeshift camps have sprung up around the Nepalese capital Kathmandu in the aftermath of Saturday's destructive earthquake. Some people have lost their homes in the disaster. Others are simply too scared of aftershocks to move back inside a building. Humanitarian agencies say there is an urgent need to improve conditions in the camps and are warning that poor sanitation is a looming health hazard. Read more

Why Nepal response will be so hard

International aid is beginning to flow into earthquake-hit Nepal, but much more is needed as the scale of the disaster becomes all too clear. Access, capacity and bad weather are all hampering efforts to reach those in need. Read more

Lessons from the rubble in Nepal
Schoolchildren are easily distracted at the best of times, but imagine trying to keep their attention when helicopters are flying overhead every five minutes delivering relief supplies. The fact their classrooms have no walls doesn’t help either. This is the situation in Nepal’s remote Kiul area, where the devastation caused by the April and May earthquakes has made life very difficult for teachers. Read more